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Inovio announces results from SynCon avian influenza vaccine Phase I study

January 02, 2020

HAI measurements from the blood of a vaccinated subject are used to assess the generation of protective antibody responses. A four-fold rise in HAI titers (compared to pre-vaccination) is considered to be an important indicator of immune activation. Generating an HAI titer of 1:20 is generally regarded as a positive vaccine response, with a titer of 1:40 or higher in the blood of vaccinated subjects generally associated with protection against influenza in humans.

The patients boosted with the minimally invasive ID vaccination have been given a second ID booster vaccination. Additional interim data is expected in 1Q 2012.

Speaking at the WHO Meeting, Dr. Sardesai commented, "We are encouraged by the induction of significant HAI titers against multiple, unmatched H5N1 strains after a single intradermal booster vaccination with our synthetic H5 HA vaccine. These data build on the high rates of vaccine-induced antibody and T-cell responses previously elicited by our avian influenza vaccine with intramuscular delivery. We look forward to the next results from this single subtype synthetic vaccine as well as the first data from our multi-subtype influenza vaccine, INO-3510, which combines H1N1 with H5N1. This second influenza study exclusively uses our intradermal delivery system, which accesses the skin's prolific immune system components that are ideal for inducing preventive antibody responses."

Dr. J. Joseph Kim, Inovio's president and CEO, said: "Our goal is an influenza vaccine protective across subtypes and strains. While more testing is needed, these new results are an unprecedented step closer to the Holy Grail of flu vaccine research ?? creating a universal flu vaccine."

Inovio is advancing its universal influenza vaccine strategy with a second Phase I influenza vaccine study. This trial is assessing INO-3510, Inovio's multi-subtype SynCon vaccine consisting of the H5N1 and H1N1 subtypes delivered exclusively using intradermal electroporation with a goal to provide cross-strain protection against H1N1 and H5N1 viruses. Preliminary safety and immune response data from this 100-subject study are expected in 2Q 2012.

SOURCE Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.